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Petosan Toothpaste / Toothbrush Kit - Medium

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The Petosan toothbrush hugs the teeth,cleaning the front and the back of the teeth at the same time

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  • Petosan Complete Dental Kit Medium

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The importance of daily toothbrushing. Veterinary dental associations recommend that pet owners follow this plan in order to enhance the pet’s oral health. Take your pet to the veterinarian for a dental exam. Don’t wait for his annual check-up if you suspect a problem. Your veterinarian may recommend dental care at the hospital including removal of plaque and tartar,and may suggest a dental care program at home. Begin a dental care program at home. Plaque formation starts within 12 hrs of a thorough dental cleaning,which is why dental cleaning at home is necessary. This is where the Petosan brush plays a major role. Petosan has been developed by a team of Scandinavian dentists,veterinarians and leading edge toothbrush manufacturer. Its innovative design has proved to be particularly user-friendly and effective,and due to its two brush segments in angular relationship,the Petosan toothbrush simplifies brushing and enables more pet owners to clean their pet?s teeth and thereby improving their oral hygiene. The Petosan Pet Toothpaste is designed for those of us who brush every day. It is formulated to be very tasty,helping to make the brushing a positive experience for your dog. The paste contains Pyrophosphates that help control tartar by inhibiting the formation of dental calculus (tartar). Petosan use Hydrated silica,a mild abrasive used for grinding and polishing. It is found as crystals,small and smooth particles which are preferred to avoid tooth wear. Instructions Included In the package.

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