At The Animal Pharmacy, we understand that protecting your pet from fleas and ticks is a top priority. That's why we stock Nexgard, a renowned brand trusted by pet owners and vets alike.
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Nexgard: Reliable Flea and Tick Defence

Nexgard's range offers an innovative approach to parasite protection. With their oral chewables, Nexgard Fleas and Ticks treatment ensures that your dogs are safeguarded against these bothersome pests.

Nexgard for Dogs: Comprehensive Parasite Control

Looking for extensive protection? Nexgard for Dogs provides not only flea and tick protection but also guards against heartworms and gastrointestinal worms. Nexgard Spectra, also known as 'Spectra Nexgard' by pet owners, offers broad-spectrum protection that is hard to beat.

Nexgard Tick and Flea: Effective and Easy-to-Administer Treatments

Make protecting your pet from parasites as easy as giving them a treat with Nexgard Tick and Flea chewables. These tasty morsels are a breeze to administer, and dogs love them, making your job as a pet parent that much easier.

Buy Nexgard: Convenient and Fast Delivery

Ready to protect your pet? You can buy Nexgard directly from our website. We offer quick shipping options to get these essential treatments to you as quickly as possible.

Nexgard Chewables for Dogs: A Simple Solution to a Complex Problem

Take the fuss out of parasite control with Nexgard Chewables for Dogs. Designed to be palatable for dogs, these chewables offer a hassle-free way to keep your pet safe from a range of parasites, making them a top choice for comprehensive Nexgard Flea and Tick Treatment for Dogs.

Trust in Nexgard to provide reliable and extensive protection against fleas, ticks, and other parasites. Your pet's health and comfort is our priority, and we're committed to providing you with the best products to achieve this. Browse our range of Nexgard products today to find the perfect fit for your pet's needs.

Explore Our Extensive Selection of Pet Products

At The Animal Pharmacy, our aim is to cater to all your pet needs, featuring a broad spectrum of high-quality products. Whether it's tackling fleas and ticks with Nexgard Spectra, managing pain and inflammation with Previcox, or helping your pets with nausea and motion sickness through Cerenia, we've got you covered.

Our Nexgard Spectra options include a nexgard spectra 3 pack for convenient dosing or the nexgard spectra small dog 6 pack, perfect for ensuring your smaller companions stay protected against pests.

To help manage and improve joint health in your pets, we offer 4CYTE for Dogs and 4CYTE for Cats. These cutting-edge supplements, featuring Epiitalis, are designed to promote joint health and mobility, ensuring your pets stay active and happy.

Our Cerenia range also includes the Cerenia Injection for Dogs, offering veterinarians and pet owners a reliable solution for the prevention of acute vomiting.

For those dealing with canine dermatitis, we offer Apoquel for Dogs. This effective medication provides fast relief from itching and inflammation, improving your dog's quality of life.

Visit The Animal Pharmacy for a comprehensive range of pet products, and let us help keep your pets healthy and happy.
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Nexgard Chews for Dogs - FAQs

What are the benefits of using Nexgard for flea and tick treatment in dogs?

Nexgard provides reliable protection against fleas and ticks. The oral chewables are easy to administer, and dogs often enjoy them like a treat. The chewables begin to kill fleas within 4 hours and ticks within 12 hours after administration.

How does Nexgard Spectra offer comprehensive protection?

Nexgard Spectra is a broad-spectrum treatment that protects against fleas, ticks, heartworms, and gastrointestinal worms. This comprehensive coverage reduces the risk of your pet contracting these parasites, ensuring they stay healthier and happier.

Where can I buy Nexgard Spectra for my dog?

You can purchase Nexgard Spectra directly from our website at The Animal Pharmacy. We offer quick shipping options to ensure you get these essential treatments for your pet as quickly as possible.