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PAW by Blackmores DigestiCare™ Probiotic Powder for Dogs & Cats

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Support your dog or cat’s gut health with a vet-approved daily pre- and probiotic, enzyme and fermented wholefood powder.

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Diarrhea is a common problem among dogs and cats and can be caused by different factors. The good news is that there are solutions available that are developed by vets and inspired by nature to keep your pet’s tummy happy and healthy!

PAW DigestiCare™ Powder is an all-in-one solution for optimal daily gastrointestinal health. This advanced formulation modulates bowel movements, influences the gut microbiome, and improves stool quality.

Packed with antioxidant-rich wholefoods, DigestiCare™ enhances the gastrointestinal microbiome, promoting better digestion and overall well-being. With the power of Bacillus subtilis and licheniformis, it aids in managing chronic diarrhoea and improving stool quality in dogs.

Daily supplementation of DigestiCare™ increases healthy gut flora, reduces faecal odor, and enhances nutrient utilisation.

Give your dog or cat the gift of a healthy tummy with DigestiCare™ today.

Is your dog or cat taking antibiotics?

The purpose of antibiotic treatment is to kill bacteria that cause infections. However antibiotics do not discriminate between 'bad' bacteria and 'good' bacteria, effectively killing all susceptible bacteria. As a result, the delicate balance of the digestive system is disturbed and the absence of good bacteria can result in poor digestion, diarrhoea, bloat and flatulence. PAW DigestiCare 60™ can help restore and maintain a healthy balance in the digestive tract by providing 'good' bacteria back to the gut for pets being treated with antibiotics.

Is your pet suffering diarrhoea or flatulence?

Gastro (gastroenteritis) in dogs is commonly caused by the 'bad' bacteria dominating the digestive tract resulting in diarrhoea, flatulence, bloating and poor general health. PAW DigestiCare 60™ provides good bacteria to the restore intestinal balance. PAW DigestiCare 60™ also provides key nutrients including essential amino acids, vitamins, fatty acids and enzymes to enhance your pet’s health and vitality.


Wholefood powder mix (contains wheat, oats, barley, rye, rice, linseed, maize, mung beans, oat groats, soybean, millet, alfalfa seed, buckwheat, spirulina, sweet potato, barley grass, wheatgrass, alfalfa grass, adzuki beans, quinoa, calcium, omnimin, and molasses), PRO(N8)URE IFS mix (contains Bacillus subtilis, Bacillus licheniformis, Natuzyme and prebiotic).


Give the recommended dosage once a day, mix or sprinkle with food. A level scoop holds around 6 g.

Dog/cat weight | Daily scoop (4 g):

  • 1-9.9kg – ½ level scoop.
  • 10-19.9kg – 1 level scoop.
  • 20-29.9kg – 2 level scoops.
  • 30-39.9kg – 3 level scoops.
  • 40kg+ - 3 ½ level scoops.

In period of intestinal discomfort double the dosage for the first 5 days.

Safety Directions

Avoid contact with eyes. For Animal Treatment Only.

When to Use

  • To maintain a healthy digestive system.
  • To improve and restore a healthy intestinal balance.
  • For pets with poor digestion.
  • For pets who have been prescribed antibiotics (post).
  • For puppies & kittens to provide a balanced intestinal microflora early in life.
  • For pets suffering from stress.
  • For pets changing environment (traveling, change of diet, boarding kennel…).
  • For healthy pets as a maintenance product.

Physical Description

A light green/yellow powder.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I feed PAW DigestiCare 60™ to my dog when it’s prescribed antibiotics?

The purpose of antibiotics treatment is to kill bacteria that cause infections. However, antibiotics do not discriminate between bad bacteria and good bacteria, effectively killing all susceptible bacteria. As a result, the delicate balance of the digestive system is disturbed and the absence of good bacteria can result in poor digestion, diarrhoea, bloat and flatulence. PAW DigestiCare 60™ restores and maintains a healthy balance in the digestive tract by providing viable good bacteria to the gut for pets being treated with antibiotics.

How long should I feed my dog PAW DigestiCare 60™ after using antibiotics?

For animals prescribed antibiotics, it is recommended that owners use the PAW DigestiCare 60™ for at least 4-6 weeks post antibiotic treatment. This is because it has been clinically proven to take several weeks to months post-antibiotics for your dog's digestive system to re-balance.

Should I feed PAW DigestiCare 60™ to a young animal?

It has been clinically proven that puppies have a healthier growth rate in their first 6 months of life when their diet is supplemented with Probiotics. This is to help the puppy to establish a good intestinal microflora, help digestion and improve their utilization of food. Therefore you should use PAW DigestiCare 60™ daily to help establish the good bacteria in your puppy’s digestive tract to ensure optimum health & growth.

Can I give ½ the recommended dose rate and will it be effective?

It is important to correctly dose the PAW DigestiCare 60™ to optimize the effect of providing the beneficial good bacteria and nutrients to your dog.

Could I give my pet yoghurt instead?

In short, yes as some yoghurt contains beneficial live bacteria. However, dogs are lactose intolerant and the quantity of yogurt you would need to give to benefit your pet would more than likely upset their stomach. It is recommended to use a non-dairy probiotic supplement.

What if my pet food already contains probiotics?

Most pet foods with digestive benefits actually contain prebiotics, not probiotics. A pet food with probiotics is good, however probiotics are sensitive to heat and moisture. The bacteria in the food may therefore be damaged or not live due to the heating and manufacturing processes. It is highly likely that the numbers of viable good bacteria provided will not be enough to see their beneficial properties.

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  • 5
    Very helpful

    Written by Liz on 29th Mar 2024

    My Bull Arab Sharpei cross has many food allergies. I’ve curated his food over the last 2 years but Digesticare has stopped any relapses to very loose and/or slimy poos. We’ve now finished our second jar, after building up to correct dose over 14 days. It makes feeding him much easier and stops diarrhea developing if he’s eaten something he shouldn’t have. Makes meal times and travelling much easier and less stressful too.

  • 1
    Too smelly

    Written by Michelle Cray on 13th Mar 2021

    Digeticare arrived promptly, however, my dog walked away after one sniff of this product sprinkled over his food, not for him.

  • 5
    Gut problem solved

    Written by Sam Field on 8th Feb 2021

    My dog had terrible gut probs before starting this. No she has firm normal stools. Great stuff.

  • 2
    Helpful Product for My Two Dogs

    Written by Susan McCallum on 11th Jun 2020

    Both my Golden Retriever (12) and Kelpie (11) suffer from sensitive tummy’s and consequently runny bowel movements. Having tried everything possible with their very bland diet I thought I would try a probiotic and although it hasn’t solved the problem completely there is definitely improvement.