Simparica Trio For Dogs - 6 Pack

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Tasty chews for the treatment and prevention of flea infestations and the treatment and control of ticks and worms on dogs and puppies.

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  • Simparica trio for Dogs between 5.1 - 10kg, Orange Packet, 6 pack. All-in-one parasite protection for dogs, Dog intestinal worm treatment, Dog heartworm prevention, Flea and tick control for dogs Parasite treatment for dogs, Dog parasite control
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Simparica Trio is the first and only monthly all-in-one parasite protection chew with moxidectin. it is a comprehensive Flea, Tick and Heartworm control for your dogs.

Simparica Trio provides triple protection against fleas and ticks, intestinal worms and deadly heartworm disease. It is uniquely formulated with an optimised trio of ingredients, including sarolaner, pyrantel and moxidectin, for proven efficacy against parasites.  

Simparica Trio complements your vet-exclusive ProHeart SR-12 business by providing you and your clients with both a monthly and yearly heartworm preventative option, both containing moxidectin for proven efficacy against heartworm. Simparica Trio is ideal for clients with dogs that are younger than when you start ProHeart SR-12 or for those who prefer a monthly oral combination parasiticide for their dog.

Recommendations for use:

For the treatment and control of fleas, ticks and gastrointestinal worms and the prevention of heartworm disease in dogs and puppies from 8 weeks of age.

Key Features

  • Rapidly kills fleas before they lay eggs
  • Controls flea allergy dermatitis
  • Treats and controls paralysis and brown dog ticks
  • Prevents heartworm disease with monthly administration
  • Treats and controls hookworms and roundworms, including adult and immature stages
  • Liver flavoured chew

Treatment Schedule:

For optimal treatment and control of fleas and tick infestations, the product should be administered at regular monthly intervals. Treatment with Simparica Trio may begin at any time of the year and should continue without interruption all year round. To minimise the likelihood of flea re-infestation, it is important to treat all dogs and cats within the household. Simparica Trio is approved for use in dogs only. Treatment for heartworm should occur regularly at monthly intervals.

Safety Data Sheet: Click Here

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  • Treatment and prevention of flea infestations and treatment and control of paralysis ticks

  • Fleas (Ctenocephalides sp.) are rapidly killed within four to eight hours of treatment. Simparica breaks the flea life cycle by killing adult fleas before they can lay eggs

  • The safe use of Simparica has not been evaluated in breeding dogs and pregnant or lactating bitches.Do not swallow. Wash hands after use. Accidental ingestion of Simparica can be harmful to children. To avoid accidental ingestion

  • Store below 30°C (room temperature) in original carton.

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