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Protech BB Inactivated Vaccine (25 pack) - Please ring 02 8599 9759 to place an order

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For the immunisation of dogs against Bordetella bronchiseptica infection, a contributing factor to the canine cough syndrome.

  The vaccine  is used for the immunisation of dogs   against colonisation of the upper and     lower respiratory  tract, nose  and  throat  with     Bordetella bronchiseptica. It may be given alone or used as a diluent for  other vaccines.  For optimal  effect   on  the  incidence and transmission of infectious   tracheobronchitis (canine cough)  vaccination with  a multicomponent vaccine containing  canine distemper virus, canine parainfluenza virus and canine adenovirus type  2 is recommended.

This product should not be used in dogs when they are:

  • Incubating an infectious disease
  • seriously debilitated by another infectious disease, parasitic infestation or malnutrition; or
  • under treatment with immunosuppressive drugs.

  The vaccine is injected subcutanaously.
  A 1ml dose  (one syringe)  is recommended for   dogs of all ages.
  Gentle massage at the site of injection will  help to disperse the vaccine.

  For the primary  immunisation, puppies and dogs should be given two doses of vaccine with an interval of 4 weeks between doses.

The epidemiology  of each disease, the persistence of maternal antibody and the dog's history must   all be considered when deciding on a vaccination program for a particular animal.

Annual booster  vaccinations  are recommended to maintain adequate immunity, and a booster is   recommended before exposure to possible sources of infection, such as shows, boarding kennels or   obedience classes, especially if more than six months has elapsed since the last dose of vaccine was administered.

  Immunity  develops about ten  days to two  weeks   following the second dose of vaccine in sero-negative   dogs.

Vaccine is issued in packs of 25 x 1 mslyringes.

Store between  2-8°C (Refrigerate.  DO NOT FREEZE). Protect from light.

  Dispose  of   empty   syringes   and   needles  by   immediately   placing   into a  designated    and   appropriately labelled "sharps' container.

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  • Immunisation of dogs against colonisation of the upper and lower respiratory tract

  • First Aid If poisoning occurs

  • Store between 2 and 8°C. (Refrigerate. Do not freeze.) Protect from light.

  • Boehringer Ingelheim Animal Health Australia Pty Ltd

  • Lyppard

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