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Maxiguard Gel 118mL(low stock diff suplr)

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Veterinary dentistry’s most user-friendly and effective oral cleanser and freshener for dogs and cats.

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MAXI/GUARD Oral Cleansing Gel offers a natural zinc and vitamin c formula to effectively clean teeth and freshen breath with or without brushing. The product is natural,safe for daily use,inexpensive,taste free and provides good pet acceptance. Works with or without brushing. Packaged in 118ml soft squeeze bottles.

Directions for use:

  • Screw base of main white lid open and remove red cap of small vial containing Vitamin C then pour white contents into bottle. Screw tight,wait until white substance drops to the bottom of the bottom and shake contents until Vitamin C is dissolved.
  • Twist tip of bottle and apply a small quantity (pea size droplet) to each side of the mouth near the gum line of both upper molars (can be placed on your finger if easier acceptance especially if administering to cats).
  • Note:

  • After first use,store MAXI/GUARD Oral Cleansing Gel in a refrigerator to extend the life of the product or away from direct sunlight.

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    2 Reviews Write a Review

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      Good Product

      Written by Jenny Muller on 6th Aug 2020

      Keeping dog's teeth clean is so important for good health. I use this just before the dogs go to bed. I also give them Plaque Off in their food so I think they work together in stopping tartar form on their teeth.

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      Removes plaque and stains from dogs teeth easily

      Written by Clare Nesdale on 27th Feb 2019

      I've been using this for a year now every second day and both my dogs' have clean white teeth. I also brush their teeth every other day. But notice a real difference if I forget to use Maxiguard Gel, their teeth become stained if I don't use it. Their gums are healthier and breath fresher with Maxiguard Gel.