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Equivac TAT (Tetanus Antitoxin) Syringe

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Equivac TAT (Tetanus Antitoxin) Syringe. TAT is used in the prevention and treatment of tetanus in horses and can also be used in dogs, sheep, cattle and pigs.

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Equivac® TAT is 1500IU/mL tetanus antitoxin that is prepared by immunising horses against the toxin produced by Clostridium tetani and then refining the serum to produce the antitoxin.

Approved Uses

Equivac® TAT is used in the prevention and treatment of tetanus in horses and can also be used in dogs, sheep, cattle and pigs. The minimum required dose should protect the animal if it is administered within hours of an injury occurring. For prolonged protection, however, a horse should be actively immunised using Equivac® T or Equivac® 2 in 1 on a regular basis.

Key Features

  • For treatment and prevention of tetanus in horse, cattle, dogs, sheep and pigs
  • Provides (rapid) protection against tetanus following a wound
  • Very high level of purity and safety
  • Available in pre-filled single dose syringes or a 10mL multidose vial
  • Convenient product packaging for easy transport and storage


Equivac® TAT Vaccine comes in a prefilled single dose syringe or a 10mL multidose vial

Dosage and Administration

For the prevention of tetanus, in horse and foals, no less than 1500IU (1mL) should be given. Give subcutaneously after clipping the hair and disinfecting the skin.

*When commencing a routine vaccination program on an adult horse or horses with an unknown vaccination record, use the Equivac® 2 in 1 vaccination of three initial doses two weeks apart, followed by an annual booster dose.

Additional Information

  • The Equivac® range of vaccines is available from your veterinarian or most saddleries and feed stores.
  • Store at 2°-8°C (refrigerate)

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  • Yes

  • Short term protection against and treatment of tetanus in horses

  • The injection of a relatively small dose of antitoxin

  • Sterilise all injection apparatus by boiling before use. Maintain cleanliness at all times. Keep needles sharp and clean; replace frequently. Use needles of appropriate gauge and length. Avoid injection of animals during wet weather or under dusty co

  • Store at 2 to 8°C. (Refrigerate. Do not freeze.) Protect from light.

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