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Avitrol Plus Bird Wormer Syrup 25ml

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A convenient and broad spectrum bird wormer

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  • Avitrol Plus Bird Wormer Syrup 25ml

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A convenient and broad spectrum bird wormer which controls thread, caecal, round, gape, gizzard and important tape worms in caged birds. Avitrol Plus syrup can be added to the drinking water, or dosed directly to the bird's beak. Avitrol tablets provide a secure method of dosing individual birds. Available in 100 tablets

Ingredients: Levamisole Hydrochloride and Praziquantel

Do not feed birds 24 hours before or 3 hours after treatment. Treat all birds in the same loft or cage. Thoroughly clean and disinfect the loft or cage 3 days after treatment. To prevent re-infestation, practice good hygiene and sanitation, and eliminate dampness. Ideally the birds should be moved into a clean cage 48 hours after initial treatment, and the old cage thoroughly scrubbed and disinfected. To prevent infection from the outside, prevent birds access to intermediate hosts, e.g. grasshoppers, cockroaches and earthworms. Wild birds can infect the aviary with their droppings.

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  • No

  • Threadworm (Capillaria sp.)

  • Anthelmintic. The major mode of action of levamisole is on the cholinergic receptor of the neuromuscular junction

  • Parrots appear to be less tolerant than pigeons to levamisole. Do not dose in extremely hot

  • Store below 30°C (room temperature). Protect from light. Reseal tightly after use.

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