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AMP 5 Intramuscular Injection 20ml

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Adenosine-5-monophosphate 200 mg/mL

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  • AMP 5 Intramuscular Injection 20ml

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AMP-5 Intramuscular Injection is a potent natural vasodilator which produces a marked increase in blood circulation to both skeletal and cardiac muscle in race horsesa and must be only used under strict advice and direction of a veterinarian


  • AMP-5 increases blood, nutrient & available energy supply to muscle tissues.
  • Vasodilation improves removal of wastes to delay fatigue and cramping.
  • AMP-5 may help prevent heart strain during and after strenuous exercise.
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    • Potent vasodilator to increase blood flow to cardiac and skeletal muscle in race horses to prevent cramping and fatigue.

    • Injection: Store below 25°C (Air Conditioning).

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