Antinol Plus [Previously Antinol Rapid] For Cats

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A natural anti-inflammatory supplement for joint and mobility support as well as improve general wellbeing, skin and coat condition.

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Antinol Rapid is an All-Natural anti-inflammatory supplement that is changing cats lives for the better and recommended by veterinarians.

Each tiny capsule is made from a patented blend of natural marine lipid oils that are sustainably sourced and free from preservatives and fillers.

Antinol Rapid can be used daily for their dog's joint and mobility support (can be especially beneficial for senior cats or cats with arthritis or degenerative joint disease) as well as to improve general wellbeing and skin and coat condition.

The amount of Antinol® Rapid you give will depend on the weight of the cats and the severity of their symptoms. Load or double the daily recommendation for the first 2 weeks or if recommencing after a break of 5 days. When supplementing for wellness/prevention, Antinol® Rapid can be used without a loading period and under recommended maintenance.

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