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Greenies Dental Treats for Dogs 170g

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GREENIES™ Dental Chews are clinically proven to clean dogs’ teeth by fighting both plaque and tartar buildup, freshening breath, and maintaining healthier teeth and gums.

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  • Greenies Dental Treats for Dogs 170g
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Greenies® removes plaque and tartar - even heavy deposits, reduces gingivitis, freshens breath and improves your dogs overall oral health by helping to deter dental disease. When you begin feeding Greenies®, most pet owners notice an improvement in their dogs teeth and breath in less than two weeks. For optimum dental health, one Greenies® fed daily is recommended but can be given up to twice daily.

  • Greenies® primary ingredients are specially processed wheat gluten, natural flavours, unique teeth cleaning ingredients and chlorophyll, which gives Greenies® their green colour.
  • Choose the correct size Greenies® for your dog:
  • Teenie - for dogs 2-7kg
  • Petite - for dogs 7-11kg
  • Regular - for dogs 11-22kg
  • Large - for dogs 22-45kg
  • Treats that are too small won't provide adequate chewing benefits. Treats that are too large can add unneeded calories to your dogs diet.
  • Teenie Treat Pak 340g = 43 Teenie Greenies
  • Teenie Treat Pak 510g = 65 Teenie Greenies
  • Petite Treat Pak 340g = 20 Petite Greenies
  • Petite Treat Pak 510g = 30 Petite Greenies
  • Regular Treat Pak 340g = 12 Regular Greenies
  • Regular Treat Pak 510g = 18 Regular Greenies
  • Large Treat Pak 340g = 8 Large Greenies
  • Large Treat Pak 510g - 12 Large Greenies
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